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“Thanks for getting this settled . . . I’m beginning to think you’re a magician.”
— J.S., attorney
“It’s nice to have a mediator that understands the issues.” — W.T., attorney
“Coming into this, I didn’t think much of mediators. You did a great job getting this done.” — R.L., mediation party
“I have mediated numerous cases with Robert over the years. He has always mediated cases with professionalism, is always prepared with knowledge of the law and facts, and suggests creative settlement options with difficult cases.” — Q.B., attorney
“Mediating with an experienced trial lawyer like Robert is an advantage to both sides.” — M.S., attorney
“I really enjoyed your style and grace with my client.  He trusted you and that helped get this case settled. I appreciate all of your hard work.” — F.F., attorney
“Robert is an outstanding lawyer and mediator. Over the last 20 years I have had a chance to litigate cases with him and he is a brilliant and compassionate advocate for his clients. Since his background includes substantial experience as a prosecutor, insurance defense lawyer and as a plaintiff’s lawyer representing injured victims, Robert’s transition into mediation and arbitration was natural and flawless. As a mediator, he quickly analyzes the issues and is very persuasive in explaining the strengths and weakness of each side. He is extremely professional, yet tenacious when it comes to getting cases settled. I have had cases that I thought would never settle, only to have Robert bring the party’s together for a fair and amicable resolution. We are very fortunate to have a lawyer and mediator like Robert here.” – A.S., attorney
“Robert is a great mediator. He has helped my clients resolve cases that we never thought might settle. He has mediated everything from complex civil rights and wrongful death cases to motor vehicle accident cases for us. He cuts to the issues in cases that usually get parties stuck and helps work through them. Robert is one of the best mediators in Northwest Florida. I highly recommend Robert Heath as a mediator.” — E.S., attorney
“We use Robert frequently for mediations. He works well with both sides and is a mediator that will do everything he can to have the parties reach a settlement.” — M.R., insurance claims representative
“Robert Heath is a good man and a great attorney. That is why he excels at mediation and has become my go-to guy. Robert stays up to date on the law. He evens keeps an eye on what is coming before the legislature. You can’t go wrong choosing Robert and his firm.” — T.C., attorney
“Robert is an experienced trial lawyer and effective mediator. When given a choice, I always select Robert to help the parties in my cases come to a resolution.” —  J.S., attorney
“I highly recommend Robert Heath. He has wide-ranging experience in many areas of law, and he is well-respected by the legal community. He is ethical, knowledgeable, and attentive to his clients.” —  L.H., insurance claims representative
“I had the opportunity to co-mediate a complex matter with Robert and I highly recommend him. He is very knowledgeable and experienced, but beyond that he has a remarkable ability to develop a rapport with the parties and come up with creative solutions. A true professional in every sense.”  — S.E., mediator