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Mediating Challenging Employment Situations

Employment law claims are an increasing concern for both employers and employees. Hostile work environment, sexual harassment, discrimination, and wrongful discharge claims can quickly escalate to a lawsuit if an employee, or former employee, perceives that the employer’s response has been unfair.

Whether a case is already in the court system, or the parties wish to preserve their relationship, mediation of employment disputes can bring closure to a case faster and with far less expense than litigation. Employers can reduce costs, and employees can avoid the burden, difficulty, and expense of litigation that can, at times, be overwhelming.

With mediation, both sides can benefit from a negotiated solution to a difficult problem, rather than running the risk of an uncertain outcome from a judge or jury. Both sides retain control of the outcome instead of placing it in the hands of a third party.

Robert has successfully mediated cases involving sexual harassment, hostile work environment, wrongful discharge, non-compete agreements, and contract disputes.

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