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Experience Matters

In over 41 years of trial practice, Robert has represented both plaintiffs and defendants in a wide range of personal injury and wrongful death cases. As a mediator, this experience has enabled him to assist attorneys and their clients to reach a resolution in thousands of cases because of his knowledge of the legal, medical, and evidentiary issues that arise.

Mediating All Kinds Of Personal Injury Claims

Whether a case involves automobile, truck, or motorcycle collisions, negligent security, premises liability, medical malpractice, or injuries from defective products, Robert knows how injuries affect plaintiffs, how insurance companies evaluate claims, and how juries react to the evidence that they hear at trial. This insight allows him to effectively work with all parties in mediation and help them achieve a meaningful resolution, reducing litigation costs and avoiding the risk, delay, and uncertainty of trial.

Past Cases

Below are some examples of personal injury and wrongful death cases Robert has mediated:

  • An inmate suffered a medical emergency while incarcerated. The correctional facility failed to render assistance and the inmate died, leading to a lawsuit brought by his family. The parties were able to reach a negotiated solution.


  • A road construction company cut the guide wires to a utility pole, dug a trench adjacent to the pole, and failed to adequately fill the trench causing the pole to lean toward the highway. A truck hit one of the low hanging wires, snapping the pole and severely injuring a passing motorcyclist. The parties reached a resolution of the case.


  • The plaintiff was sexually assaulted by a man who gained entry to her apartment through a crawlspace from a nearby apartment. Plaintiff alleged that the landlord failed to secure the entry to the crawlspace which should have been locked. The parties resolved the case at mediation.


  • An elderly woman slipped and fell in a department store, shattering her wrist and leading to multiple surgeries. The plaintiff was a concert organist who had previously played for the Pope in the Vatican and could no longer play the organ. The case resolved shortly after mediation.


  • A nightclub knowingly allowed an underage girl to enter and become intoxicated. Later that night, she ran a stop sign and collided with a van, killing a mentally challenged man. With Robert’s assistance, the claims against the nightclub were resolved at mediation.


  • A surgeon inadvertently laid a cauterizing instrument on the patient’s abdomen during surgery, causing severe burns and scarring to the patient. The patient reached a negotiated settlement of her claims against the hospital and the doctor at mediation.

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