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Cleaning Up The Mess After The Storm

With increasing frequency, hurricanes, tornadoes, and other storms cause widespread damage to entire communities, displacing residents, destroying homes and businesses, and disrupting lives.

Whether the damage is caused by wind, flood, or a combination of both, the magnitude of claims that arise from these disasters present significant challenges to homeowners and businesses as well as insurance companies struggling to resolve the vast number of claims efficiently.

Early Mediation Can Help

Unfortunately, the court system is ill-equipped to quickly resolve such a large number of claims in a timely manner. Early mediation of storm and flood claims can resolve claims much faster than litigation and help frustrated claimants and overwhelmed insurance companies reach closure and enable the community to get back on its feet again.

Long Experience With Gulf Coast Storms

Robert is a lifelong resident of the Gulf Coast and knows hurricanes all too well. For over 28 years, beginning with his special appointment by the Florida Insurance Commissioner to mediate storm claims, he has mediated hundreds of windstorm and flood damage claims and helped the parties reach a negotiated resolution.

A negotiated resolution can:

▪  Expedite payment of additional living expenses so that residents can find shelter and storage for their belongings

▪   Efficiently assess contents lost in the storm and provide funds for contents replacement

▪   Reach agreement on the scope of damage and assess whether the damage was caused by wind or flood, thus enabling home and business owners to begin repairs sooner

▪   Quickly determine whether local laws and building codes require additional funds to elevate structures once rebuilding begins

▪    Provide funds for removal of debris or demolition that must be done before construction

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