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Make the credit card companies stop calling without bankruptcy

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2017 | Credit Card Debt, Firm News |

Filing for bankruptcy is the nuclear option and can be avoided under most circumstances. If you are currently bunkered down, waiting for your credit card debt to disappear, you need to take action. Now. Consulting a lawyer immediately will allow you to immediately address the debt that you feel has overwhelmed you. If your creditors have been harassing you via phone, email, or even in person, they may not be following the regulations outlined in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

A lawyer will help you to understand the protections this act offers and how it relates to the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau. Unknowingly, countless Americans are subjected to predatory actions by lender and debt collection agencies based on their credit card debt. In some cases, even people who have been working hard to make arrangements to settle their debts are approached with threats of prison time or other prosecution.

Debt collection companies know the reality of things, in fact, that is why they choose to lie. If you were really aware of how much a debt protection lawyer can do for you, debt collectors would be out of a job. Good riddance. They are hurting the communities they reside in by creating stress in the lives of people whose lives may already be in a position of instability. Massive credit card debt is often brought on by unfortunate events like the death of loved one or divorce. Debt collectors only throw fuel onto the fire that is why they need to be silenced by a debt defense lawyer.

A judgment against you doesn’t have to mean the end of the world. Creditors do not have the ability to have you prosecuted for civil matters (cases involving debt/money). But creditors can make your life a lot harder, if you don’t know what to do to protect yourself. Debt protection practices are not common knowledge, so reach out to a professional immediately to protect your lifestyle without ever filing for bankruptcy.