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Construction defects to watch out for when you inspect your new property

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2020 | Mediation |

When you hire a contractor to build a home or other property, you assume you’ll get work that meets your expectations. You count on it to be safe and up to code. Unfortunately, you may end up feeling like there are some massive defects that detract from the value and functionality of that property. That’s when you need to know what legal options you have.

Common defects

Every situation is unique, but the following are some common defects that you want to keep in mind while you examine the property:

  • Issues with the concrete and masonry that impact the structural integrity of a building
  • Issues that make the building unstable or dangerous
  • Problems with mechanical systems that mean they can’t run properly
  • Fire hazards due to electrical defects or electrical systems that simply do not work
  • Problems with water intrusion and moisture protection
  • The onset of toxic mold due to the issues noted above
  • Problems with doors and windows, such as doors that don’t lock properly or windows that cannot be opened in an emergency
  • Problems with the finish that take away from the aesthetic appeal of the property

Some of these are more serious than others, such as fire hazards posing far larger problems than issues with the property’s finish. However, all of them are serious in the sense that you paid for a higher caliber of work.

Can mediation help?

If you find yourself in a dispute with your contractor, it may be wise to consider mediation. You can work with trusted legal professionals to sit down, discuss the issues and find a solution that works for both sides.