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Can mediation help with your business dispute? 

On Behalf of | Nov 26, 2020 | Mediation |

You’re having a dispute with your business partner, and you can’t come to a resolution on your own. There are only two of you, so no one can cast a tie-breaker vote. You’ve come to an impasse, but you don’t want to take this to court. What can you do?

The value of mediation 

One potential option is to consider mediation. You know that you need a resolution and you don’t want to force a court to rule. But you also know that you and your partner aren’t going to agree on your own. The solution may be to work with a mediator

A mediator is a third party who is not biased to favor either party and who has no legal power to make a decision or a legal ruling. Instead, they assist you with the process of working out the dispute. They tell you about various options, advise you about the law, guide the process and open a dialogue between the two of you so that you can work together to reach that solution. 

In the end, the mediator’s goal is not to make a decision, but to allow you and your partner to voluntarily make that decision on your own. This is the best of both worlds. You get the assistance you need, but you still have full control of the decisions being made for your own company. 

Getting started

If you’re interested in this process, it’s worth looking into how you can get started and how mediation may help you and your partner peacefully and easily come to an agreement.