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When does mediation make sense?

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2020 | Mediation |

We often hear mediation associated with divorce, but this process can actually resolve a variety of disputes. With mediation, a neutral third party helps two conflicting parties come to an agreement without going to court.

Review a few possible situations in which mediation might make sense for you.

Landlord and tenant disputes

Perhaps you own a rental property and want to renegotiate the terms of the lease when your tenant renews. Maybe you rent a home and you have concerns about maintenance and security in the apartment. Mediation can potentially help you reach a solution in these or similar situations.

Neighbor disputes

The last thing you want to do is sue your neighbor. After all, you have lived next door to the Smiths for a decade already. Unfortunately, you just cannot afford to fix the damage their tree caused to your privacy fence last month. In this situation, attending mediation with the other family could help you reach a solution that keeps the peace.

Consumer complaints

You spent a lot of money on a new roof for your home. Within just a year, you have already noticed peeling shingles and leaks in the attic. Instead of immediately filing a lawsuit, you can request a mediation session to reach a solution that makes sense, whether that means a free repair or a partial discount on the labor. Either way, you will likely save money compared to the cost of court.

Other disputes that may benefit from mediation include conflicts between an employer and employee, collections cases involving past-due loans and personal injury negligence cases.