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Consider mediation if injured by a car

On Behalf of | May 26, 2020 | Mediation |

So much for enjoying the summer. When you heard Pensacola beach was open, you dusted off your bicycle and set out to ride to the beach. Only you never made it. A car driver, who was distracted by her crying baby, knocked you off, leaving your bike mangled and you with a broken collarbone and bruises aplenty.

She seemed even more upset than you were — you know what it is like trying to drive with a screaming baby, your kids were little once. She called the police, gave you her insurance details and was as helpful as she could be. The only problem is, her insurance company is not so helpful.

They made you a derisory offer. It is hardly going to cover the cost or your medical expenses, let alone replace your carbon bike. Besides, because of the accident, you have lost the summer. You are not going to be able to swing a tennis racket with that collarbone break. One-handed typing is going to make your work as a freelance writer much harder and slower, too.

Going to court is an option, but not one you really want to pursue. It’s not just the cost; it’s the fact that you will spend your summer worrying about it; court cases can take a long time. Besides, you feel bad for the woman who hit you; going to court will be difficult for her, with a young baby.

Have you considered mediation instead? It is quicker and cheaper. You and your attorney take your proposal, and the insurance company takes theirs. Then a third-party mediator helps the two of you negotiate an agreement, probably somewhere between the two numbers. If you want to enjoy the Pensacola summer as best you can despite your injuries, choosing mediation to settle your insurance claim could be your best option.