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Mediation for workplace sexual harassment claims

On Behalf of | May 27, 2020 | Mediation |

The #metoo hashtag has helped many women to come forward with their accounts of sexual harassment in the workplace. While the publicity surrounding certain big-name cases helped raise awareness, not every woman who suffers sexual harassment wants to go to court.

Going to court to claim that someone sexually harassed you in your workplace can be a harrowing experience. It can force you to relive things that you had buried deep in your past. Thanks to questionable tactics by some defense counsels and the antiquated attitudes of some judges it may feel like you are the one on trial.

Some of you may feel going to trial is the right course of action, and are willing to put up with the negative aspects to bring your harasser to justice and let others know about their actions. However, if you prefer to keep things low key, mediation may be an option.

Mediation is confidential. You will not have to read the intimate details of your case in the local press or wonder which of the other parents at school or which of your colleagues at work have read about it. Not even your partner needs to know if you prefer it that way.

Mediation involves a qualified neutral third party helping you negotiate with the other party. It can work well for cases of workplace sexual harassment your employer should have stopped.

Your employer may find mediation an attractive option too, as they will not face the time, expense and negative publicity of a court case. Most parties that go to mediation settle in a day or two.

Everyone has the right to a workplace free from sexual harassment.