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New to mediation? Remember these tips

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2020 | Mediation |

There are many reasons why you might find yourself in a mediation session. This might be because you’re trying to work out a personal financial matter or because of a breach of contract situation with your business. Regardless of which side of the matter you’re on, you should remember these tips so that you might be in a better position as you try to work toward a suitable outcome. 

  • Prepare: Being successful in mediation starts with going into the first session prepared. You need to determine what facts you will bring up at the session and determine what points you may have to answer. Depending on the complexity of the matter, everything might not be covered in one session.
  • Be fair: You must go into the session with an open mind. This is your chance to help the opposition see your side of the matter, but this isn’t possible if you go into it with a negative attitude or if you’re being demeaning and defensive. Instead, remain respectful and make eye contact with each party.
  • Go slow: Don’t try to rush the process. The mediator will set the pace of the session, so pay attention and follow that pace. Trying to hurry things up can be damaging. Remember that you can always ask to have a private meeting with the mediator to discuss things that the other side doesn’t need to hear.

Try to remember that mediation is about coming to a compromise about the matter at hand. Going into the session with an idea of what terms your willing to accept might be beneficial. Just remember that you likely won’t get everything you want so try to keep an open mind about it all.