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Using mediation for negotiation: 3 tips

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2020 | Mediation |

When you think of mediation, you might immediately jump to divorce mediation. It is one type, but did you know that you can use mediation for many other kinds of cases? If you have suffered a personal injury or are making an insurance claim, mediation could also be used to help you get the settlement you need.

If you are interested in going through mediation, you may want to know a few tips to help it go smoothly. Here’s what you should know as you begin.

  1. Work closely with your attorney as the mediator is chosen

To start with, you should work closely with your attorney as a mediator is chosen for your case. A good mediator for your case should not have a history of bias and should be knowledgeable in the area of law that your case is in. If a mediator doesn’t seem like a good fit, then you should let your attorney know your concerns. You may be able to negotiate on the mediator to use with the other party.

  1. Once you choose mediation, be prepared to negotiate

Once you decide to use mediation, you should put your effort into it and try to make it work. Be prepared to negotiate by knowing your bottom line. Know what you’ll accept and what you won’t, so you don’t let the other party push you or try to get away with paying less than you deserve.

  1. Stay civil when you’re negotiating

Finally, remember to stay civil as you negotiate. Everyone wants to find a solution, and adding emotion or conflict won’t help.

These are three things to think about as you consider mediation. Your attorney can talk to you more about its benefits if you’re interested.