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Mediation could be the solution to your employment claim

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2020 | Mediation |

If your workplace has violated your trust and rights, you may be furious and want to file a lawsuit against your employer. One alternative option is to resolve this dispute through the use of a mediator.

Mediation for employment law claims can be beneficial because it:

  • Keeps the situation more private
  • Can help the parties preserve their relationship
  • May bring closure to both parties faster than if a lawsuit is pursued
  • Is often less costly than going to court

With mediation, both sides are able to have their own attorneys. Then, there is a third-party mediator who meets with both parties to discuss the problem at hand. The employer and employee who are involved in the dispute will retain total control over the outcome, but the mediator will be there to provide guidance and to keep the session on track.

Another major benefit of mediation is that it helps eliminate the risk of an uncertain outcome. When you go to court, the outcome of your case is left completely in the judge’s hands. With mediation, you and the other party have the option of coming up with a resolution that satisfies you both.

Of course, working with a mediator is also helpful because you can rely on the knowledge that the mediator is not there to support either side specifically. They are there to give you facts and guidance, but they won’t be making decisions on your behalf.

If you and the other party do come up with an agreeable solution during the session, then it’s possible that your attorneys could draw up a contract or other document right there for you to sign.