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Mediation for construction defects

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2020 | Mediation |

The phrase cowboy builder springs to mind as you call up the firm that built your house. You tell them about the problems, but they try to disown all responsibility. You tell them you’ll see them in court and slam down the phone.

You debated hard before buying new instead of purchasing a pre-owned property. You got a shiny kitchen, an unused bathroom and had some say in the fittings. The main reason you bought new was to avoid having to worry about damp, cracks, subsidence or any other defects that can plague older houses. You wanted to live in your home, not spend your time maintaining it.

After five months of residing in your new Pensacola home, you have started to notice problems, which you put down to shoddy workmanship. All you want is the builder to mend them, but as they refuse, you investigate litigation. However, once you look into it, you have second thoughts about how long it will take and how much it could cost.

If you bring a lawsuit for construction defects, the Pensacola court may require evidence from a series of experts, all who will charge dearly for their expertise. You will also have to pay attorney fees for as long as the case takes. You also worry that you might not win, leaving you out of pocket with the defects unresolved.

Choosing mediation could be a faster and less costly way to resolve your dispute, repair the problems and perhaps get some compensation for your troubles. Your builder is unlikely to want to go to court either. Seek legal help to understand more about mediation for construction defects.