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If you value your privacy, mediation is better than court

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2020 | Mediation |

People wind up in disputes for all kinds of reasons. Maybe your neighbor has poured asphalt over the property line and damaged your topsoil. You may want them to remove the offending asphalt and compensate you for the damage it has done to your perennial plantings. Perhaps the company that supplies your business didn’t make a delivery on time or delivered defective items.

Regardless of what the nature of your dispute may be, you may need outside help to find a solution that works for you and the other party involved in the conflict. Many people assume their only option means going to court, but you may not necessarily want to make every detail of the issue public knowledge.

Lawsuits often mean the loss of your privacy

Unfortunately, that is exactly what happens in most civil court proceedings. What you say becomes part of the public record. A lawsuit will result in information about business agreements and contracts becoming accessible to everyone from business rivals to the local newspaper.

Don’t let the fear of having your personal information made public stop you from standing up for yourself. You have the right to explore other ways to resolve this dispute outside of court. Mediation, unlike court, is typically confidential. That can make it an appealing way to resolve conflicts.

Florida law makes mediation proceedings confidential

One of the many reasons mediation is such a successful dispute resolution tool is that both parties involved can openly talk about their feelings or experience without worrying about who will eventually read what they say.

The discussions you have during mediation can result in a binding agreement. The terms of that agreement may become public information, but the actual discussions remain private. The assumed confidentiality of mediation is reinforced by state code in Florida.

Barring specific circumstances, mediation remains confidential.

 Consider mediation a viable tool for quietly resolving disputes

Avoiding litigation means keeping expenses associated with a disagreement lower and protecting your privacy. Mediation is not a last resort option but an alternative approach that greatly benefits everyone involved.

Each party has more control over the outcome and the ability to say what is most important to them. The privacy of all parties has greater protection, and mediation can make it possible to settle disputes much more quickly than going through the civil courts. Mediation can be a great choice for those who want to preserve their privacy without letting go of an issue.