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Mediation works, but make sure it is right for your situation

| Oct 6, 2020 | Mediation |

We will start this post with a fictional scenario. Bob is approaching an intersection on the way to his home in Pensacola. At the same time, Tom is speeding through the intersection without stopping. He collides with Bob’s car. The impact is so violent that it spins Bob’s car, causing it to crash into a large garbage truck. Bob is rendered unconscious and later discovers he has suffered a serious brain injury.

Bob decides that he deserves compensation for his injury and for the financial hardships he has also suffered. Unfortunately, Tom is combative and aggressive towards Bob while adamantly denying that he did anything wrong. Bob wants to make his journey in pursuing fair compensation as smooth as possible. He believes that mediation is the answer.

Although mediation offers many advantages in personal injury disputes, it might not be the best choice for Bob in this fictional example. Clearly, Tom is unwilling to admit that he caused or played a role in Bob’s injury. He is unlikely to change his stance and could try to take control of the mediation sessions to benefit his side of the dispute.

Our Florida attorneys believe in mediation and its many valuable benefits. However, we are also aware that it does not work in every situation. Often, potential personal injury plaintiffs can gain some insight into whether mediation is a viable option for them by seeking a qualified legal opinion. Based on their prior experiences, attorneys can spot signs that mediation may fail in some cases and can offer guidance tailored to your unique circumstances.

You can find more information about mediation to resolve personal injury cases by continuing to explore our dispute resolution resources.